How to get rid of old household goods in Tokyo – Recycle World House

We provide you with the fastest and the most convenient way to collect your unwanted household items.

We offer several types of collection package fees, which you can choose according to the mount of your unwanted household items.

The most convenient part, especially for elderly people, is you don’t need to carry or move any of your unwanted items.

Such as refrigerators, washing machines, wardrobes, sheds, and plastic bags full of burnable/unburnable garbage etc.

We will clear up your house and your room in no time!

Light trucks \5,000~15,000. Small amount to studio apartment.
1 ton flat body trucks \20,000~30,000. Studio apartment to 1DK apartment.
2 ton flat body trucks \30,000~40,000. 1DK~1LDK apartment or more.
Home appliances and furniture 2t flat body truck unlimited loading pack \40,000.
  • Bed mattresses, sofas and sofa beds are not included in the "Home appliances and furniture 2t flat body truck unlimited loading pack".

What kind of Recycle waste/garbage collection of unwanted household items do we collect?

We collect these items such as:

• Refrigerator

• Washing machine

We collect regardless of its size. The prices are averagely according to the year of manufacture or depending on its condition.

• Air conditioner

Don’t worry, leave it to our professional team! We remove air conditioners for free of charge! The price is according to the year of manufacture and depending on its condition.

• Bed, Sofa

The prices are depending on the size and the materials.

• Table, Chair, Shelves, Wardrobe, Drawers, dresser

We collect any sizes or any types. The prices are according to its weight or size. However, it is possible to negotiate with us.

• Bicycle, Carpet

We collect small size to large size; any sizes are collectable.

• Home appliances, gadget, sundries etc.


We collect all the things you don’t need.


But there are some exceptions as below.

What kind of Recycle waste/garbage collection of unwanted household items do we not collect?

Items that cannot be collected are food, containers with food, PET bottles, glass bottles, batteries, liquids / powders (including seasonings, cosmetics, detergents, medicines, etc.), combustibles such as lighters, matches, spray cans, and diatomaceous clay mats, tires, tatami mats, fluorescent lamps / light bulbs, soil, sand, stones, concrete, dangerous goods, medical waste, carcasses of animals, blood, etc.

How to book for disposing Recycle waste / garbage collection of unwanted household items with us?

Call us to book your convenient day and time. 

You can also apply from the inquiry form.

We will come and collect your unwanted household items.

Apart from collecting garbage/ unwanted household recycle items, we as well as purchase and sell secondhand home appliances.


If the item is less than 3 years old, we buy it from you. The price is depending on the condition.


It’s so easy and convenient way, just call us and make an appointment.

Then we will come to your residence, verify your garbage, confirm its disposal fee. If you agree on the fee, we will carry all the unwanted items out of your home.


Even if you contact us on the same day you want get rid of them, we will be available for you most of the time.


If there isn’t an elevator in the apartment or the building where you wish to dispose Recycle waste/garbage, you will be charged an additional price.


If the item is impossible to carry it out from the front door due to oversized, we will disassemble it inside the house.


If you want to throw away everything you have at home, it’s better for you to make your reservation with us, Recycle World House.

Sometimes we are not available, because we have so many clients in the period that you want to throw away your recycle items.


So, please book an appointment a week in advance.